Sunday, May 3, 2009

my Master forced me too become more like a dog today!!! He sent me outside to pee tonight...I can't believe I did it!!!

Masters dog spread her knees and sat on the grass
Masters dog cunt was warm and started to pee
Masters dog peed on the grass warm pee run down her pussy lips run dow her thigh
Masters dog peed and woof woof woof
Masters dog wiggled my bum to shake off the pee still on her lips
Masters dog rub her wet cunt on the wet grass
Masters dog crawled round and sniffed her pee on the grass
Masters dog run back inside nice ann horny

god, I'm sooooo horny now!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

dog whore

omg omg omg, my Master forced me to write this and put it up for you, omg i'm so nasty!

i hope u an ur frineds wud pick me up off the corner of a st
i jump in back of the car sittin in middle of u an a friend of urs
u both start feelin me up my skirt under my top
ur frineds drive us back to sum place and u wlk me in half naked
u walk me in and go in the lounge room an u make me kneel down
u tell me to strip
u tell me go on all 4s
u tell me to bark
ur frineds all start feelin me an ur cock slides in my mout
i suk ur cock feelin ur frineds all starting to finger me
ur cock sliding in my mouth faster
then i u turn me round and start fuking me an i see 3 cocks rite near my face
i open my mouth wid and they all try push in
i feel u fukin me faster an then i feel u push a finger in my bum
i suk each cock now they rub them all ova my face and hair
i feel sumthin bigger start pushin in my bum i try look but ur frineds hold my face
ur cock is cummin in me and i feel somthing big push rite in my ass
u pull ur cock out an i feel sumthing soft bruch my legs an pussy
u walk to my front ur freinds still holdin my face with a cock in my mouth
i feel u push sumthing on my head
then i feel u figners slide round my neck
i feel a collar go round it and u doin it up
ur friends r all sayin wat a sexy bitch
i see a leash by my face u clip it on my collar
ur frineds all stepback
u say heel bitch an pull hard on the leash
i walk round and see a big tv
i see me on it ur frinds r filimin me an showin it on tv
i see me with a ears on my head and a tail in my ass

god my cunt is so wet!

Master says:
what did slut wear?
slut says:
jeans an junoer no undeis hehe
had bra on
Master says:
how did cunt feel going out with no panties on
slut says:
bit dirty hehe got a bit wet cos the jeans rubbed me a bit
slut says:
yes Master
now i kno why u told me to made me think how much i am ur dirty bitch
Master says:
*grins* you ARE my dirty bitch arn't you?
slut says:
yes Master
i am ur dirty nasty slutty bitch for your use

omg omg omg, I can't belive that i'm posting this for others to see!!!! my Master forced me too, he ordered me too, and I'm doing it! I'll do anything for my Master, he owns me. He owns my tits, my ass, my cunt, my mouth and all my body.

omg *blush*

Master is forcing me to post a picture of my mouth, open, ready for him to fuck hard! I exist for him to use and abuse. I exist to obey and please him, omg that makes my cunt so wet!! *blush*


Hi Everyone!!!

I need to introduce myself. My Master has forced me to set this site up, he said that I'm such a nasty little slut that everyone should know! I don't know, I'm so embarrassed!!!

So, I'm 18, and I live in Australia. I'm a little over 5 foot and have nice firm Master forces me to call them tits *blush*!
I have long legs and the tightest little ass...omgomg I can't belive I'm saying this! I've got blond hair, but I keep my cunt Master forces me to call it that too. I used to call a pussy, but its not...Its a dirty cunt that belongs to my Master!

Anyway, I hope you like reading my blog and looking at some of my photos!